Monday, April 4, 2011

Neck Lanyard!

I used to make lanyards every summer at Camp Wintaka in the San Bernardino mountains in southern California.  My daughter is going to the Boys and Girls club for the first time this spring break, and has a membership card she needs to take with her.  I decided to make a neck lanyard for her to carry it on, so she wouldn't lose it (hopefully!).  Of course, I couldn't remember how to make the neck part...but I can do a box stitch in my sleep!  So after looking on the web, I finally found what I was looking for...the diamond stitch! So off to JoAnn I went, bought neon pink and sparkly clear craft lacing (called gimp and boondoggle by many, but never by me in the past) and got to work.  It took me a couple hours, maybe, to start and finish this project.  Once my fingers remembered what they were doing, it went faster.

Here is the link to the most helpful site I found.  It is kind of a clearing house for a lot of stitches, and has links to assorted other sites with instructions for each stitch.  For beginners the Butterfly stitch is pretty easy.  It is a series of connected loops.  I am bookmarking this site, so I can make some other key ring is now naked without a lanyard to remind me of Wintaka :)