Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I made some super easy lamb stew that reminded me of the lamb stew my mom made when I was a kid. Lamb shoulder chops, onions and potatoes. I browned my chops, set them aside, then browned my onions a tad. I added a couple handfuls of shredded cabbage (from a bag of cole slaw shreds), chicken stock, and my chops and simmered for about 10 min. Then I took the chops out and added some sliced Yukon gold potatoes and simmered them until they were tender. While they were cooking, I cut the meat off the bones and into bite size pieces. Then I added it back to the stew. To thinken it up a bit, I added a couple spoonfuls of instant potato flakes. Done. And yummy. Served with fresh, home made soda bread and a Guinness :)

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