Saturday, February 25, 2012

Baby afghan!

I decided a week before my friend's baby shower that I wanted to crochet a blanket for her baby. So I decided to make a granny square lap blanket that can be tucked around him in his car seat. Figured I could get that done in a week...and I did!

I got the pattern on a blog ( I used a variegated yarn and didn't switch between rounds. Once I mastered the bobble stitch, it was pretty brainless :)

The blog also gives instructions elsewhere on how to crochet the squares together, and how to do an edging. I did most of the was two rounds of chain loops and then a round of scallops. I skipped the scallops, partly due to time constraints (the shower is today at 4!) and partly because I wasn't sure I had enough yarn for the round of scallops and don't have time or money to go buy another ball of yarn. I think it is pretty cute with just the chain loops :)

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