Saturday, June 2, 2012

I made a crustless quiche for dinner tonight. I found the recipe on my app on my phone. It is a basic quiche Lorraine/Alsace (from what I remember from years ago, both have bacon and gruyere/swiss cheese, but alsatian has onions too, but many are just called lorraine). Since it didn't have a crust, I made it in my smaller Le Creuset baking dish. Butter it, and cover in bread crumbs. Prep fillings you want to use, place in the bottom of dish, and pour custard over. Bake until done. The recipe called for baking it 25 min at 425*. But I baked it 40 min at 375*. I have had weepy quiches in the past, and read that longer, slower cooking is better. I had minimal weeping this time.

It was yummy, served with a salad made of fresh lettuces and arugula from our garden. Hope i picked all the caterpillars out! ;)

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