Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dinner last night was a recipe from here:  It was grilled pork tenderloin steaks with rhubarb balsamic sauce. I didn't grill mine, as for me, that is one of the problems with charcoal set it up, light it, wait 15-20 min, then cook something for 5-10 min. So I broiled mine. They were good, and probably would've been even better grilled. 

The pork tenderloin was rubbed with crushed dried rosemary, then cut into little steaks. The cook fast!

The sauce used raw rhubarb. I had never tasted it was quite puckery! The face M made was hilarious!! As it happens, our garden has a community herb area that had some rhubarb ready to pick, so that is where I got mine. Diced it, mixed it with the balsamic, a tad soy sauce, and olive oil, and let it sit for about an hour. The rhubarb lost it's pun puckeryness, so all that was left was the vinegary pucker. It was good...or at least I thought so. M made the same face as with the raw rhubarb. Oh well. She chose not to eat the sauce. 

As the recipe suggested, I served it with turmeric spiced couscous. This M ate up! So apparently she likes bitter, but not acidic :)

It was all very good. The sauce helped cut the richness of the meat a little, and the turmeric added another flavor dimension. Yum!

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