Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pride and Prejudice challenge #5

Caroline Bingley by Jennifer Becton

Caroline Bingley has been sent away from her brother and his friends due to her interference in Mr Bingley's courtship of Miss Bennet, and her disapproval of Mr Darcy's betrothal to Miss Elizabeth.

The entire trip to her mother's home, she alternates between despondency over her removal from society, and plotting her return by circumventing an apology to Miss Elizabeth. She feels that the heir to the local barony would serve her well...marriage to aristocracy, money, and high society, thus elevating herself from her tradesman roots.

But things suddenly go awry, and she finally realizes she needs to follow her heart.

Caroline had a very strong tendency to judge a book by its cover. It was all about impressions made - both the impression made by another person on her, or her impression on other people- and elevation in society. She was horrified by her pedestrian background, and would do whatever it took to rise in society. It got a little annoying, but I think she was supposed to be annoying, until she finally saw how she was acting and realized the need for change.

A good read. 4/5 stars

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