Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pride and Prejudice entry #3

This is a little later than I had intended to post. I had a whole lot of stuff come crashing down in February, so my reading challenges suffered. Fortunately, I had previously read some P&P books, and just needed to refresh myself so I can catch up on my postings...even tho I was only planning on doing 5-8 at the most, I think I may end up doing more :) I keep finding more books to read!

This on is "Charlotte Collins" by Jennifer Becton

Mr. Collins goes to his just reward, and Charlotte is left with her small income. She settles into a life of being the widow of Mr. Collins. Her sister Maria visits and convinces Charlotte to enter society more fully to enable Maria to do so as well. Two gentlemen of similar age to Charlotte are met, and reputations precede them. However, reputations are not all they appear.

Charlotte had a strong belief in the proper way to do things in society, which she is trying hard to impress on Maria, with little success!. This is discussed repeatedly. Is this behavior proper? It was almost too much, and tended to drag the middle of the story down. Finally, she gives up propriety and chooses to follow her heart instead. 3.5 out of 5 stars

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