Sunday, October 2, 2011

Turkey croquettes

I had Mairi thaw a chub of hamburger the other day. I then realized what she took out wasn't beef, but a chub of ground turkey. This particular ground turkey has a very soft texture, and it "seasoned," so is not good for all applications. I finally decided to make croquettes. Now, that sounds all French and fancy, but really, they aren't. I combined a pound of ground turkey with 3-4 egg whites (I use dried egg whites, and kind of eye-balled it. If you used whole eggs, use 1-2), a little salt (remember the turkey was already seasoned), pepper, onion powder and a couple pinches of celery seed. I also added about half a cup instant potato flakes (no, I am not a mashed potato snob). Add more or less to achieve a firmish texture. I then scooped it out and rolled them into little logs, then rolled them in bread crumbs. I then fried them (yes, fried :P) pressing them flat a bit when I put them in the pan. Cook both sides until golden on medium high heat.

The dipping sauce is about half a cup plain Greek yogurt and a tablespoon Dijon mustard (add more or less depending on taste). Even Mairi liked the sauce, and she claims not to like mustard (I have greater success feeding her Dijon rather than plain yellow mustard...and honey mustard has been greeted positively). Bon apetit!

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