Friday, April 13, 2012

Work in progress...

Believe it or not, this is a sweater. Or rather, a sweater in the making. It is a granny hex shrug I found at this site ( after following a link from a comment on another blog...or something like that. I figured since I can make granny squares, granny hexes shouldn't be too difficult, which they aren't. For this sweater, I think I'll need to make the hex about twice as big as it is, then make another one like it. I then attach them to each other and to themselves, and voila, I'll have a sweater. 

The pattern calls for a chunky weight yarn, to make a chunkier sweater. I opted for a worsted weight cotton, and a size K hook (which is several sizes bigger then usual for this weight yarn). By using the big hook, the stitches are softer and looser, allowing the piece to drape better. This is my first time using cotton yarn, as I usually have gone with the more budget-friendly acrylic. But cotton yarn has a more defined stitch (it's less fuzzy), and I thought it would make a nice sweater. I like the feel of the yarn and the way the hex feels, but the yarn takes some getting used to, as it doesn't slide as well while hooking.

I will post more as it progresses...this is also my first garment created by hooking, so I am interested to see if it turns out!

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