Monday, April 2, 2012


Well, I did it! I taught myself to knit! My mom tried to teach me eons ago, but I just couldn't get the hang of it. When I was working on crocheting my friends baby blanket a while back at a coffee shop, a woman and I started chatting about knitting. She suggested I try learning Norwegian or continental knitting (which picks at the yarn held in you left hand with the needle) as opposed to English knitting (which most people do, which is when you "throw" the yarn over the needle with your right hand). I looked it up on YouTube, found a helpful video, and there you have it! So I knitted this cute bunny...which wasn't that difficult, once I realized I needed to pay attention to my knitting so I didn't forget to let an old stitch go after knitting into it :P The bunny is just a square of knitting (garter stitch from what I have learned). When done, it is gathered up across the middle, and from those ends to the top center (three gathering threads) and stuffed. I named this one Lettice :) I am in the process of knitting a chubby chirp, which involves double pointed needles and increasing and decreasing. I will post pics of that when I am done ;)

I am thnking of cranking out little cute things and selling them this summer at a local farmers market...better get busy!

Btw, I got the bunny pattern from a friend who posted a pic of it on Facebook...I am not sure where she got it, so don't know where to give credit :(

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