Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Regency Book Review, part 1

As I mentioned before, I am participating in a Regency Romance reading challenge through The featured author is Candice Hern.

I had previously read her book "A Proper Companion" some time ago as a free selection on my Kindle from Amazon (currently priced at $2.99). But because of the reading challenge, I reread it to freshen it in my mind.

Synopsis: A noble-born young woman in an impoverished state chooses to become a governess/companion rather than go to her estranged family as a poor relation. As a spinster aged companion to a dowager countess, she enters London society and becomes entangled in the life of the current earl, and encounters her long estranged family.

Thoughts: Mainly because I had read it before, it seemed a little predictable. Obviously, we knew Emily and Robert would have a HEA. Her family was an interesting addition to the typical romance story. It was an enjoyable read both times I read it. There are the requisite bad guys, the insufferable upstarts, matchmaking grandmamas, and lovelorn young people. I would recommend it to others who enjoy regency romance stories. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.

I look forward to reading the next two in the "Regency Rake Trilogy," as we met some of the characters in this book.

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