Sunday, December 2, 2012

Crochet turtle

My girl asked me for a crocheted turtle. After looking on yarn websites, and finally biting the bullet and joining Pinterest (I ::knew:: it was a time suck!), I have finally found a cute, free pattern thru Pinterest at for her jingle turtle. It is made to be a baby toy. I just omitted the bells, and have a cute turtle for my almost 11 year old baby :) And I finished it just in girl is coming home early from her dad's so he can take papa to the airport. Perfect timing :)


  1. Very nice! It came out great! All my kids probably wouldn't mind if I made them some of my turtles. Turtles are awesome. Hope your girl loves it.

  2. I actually ended up trading this turtle, and another, with a friend who gave me a PVC pipe bow and arrow set for my girl. So she still needs a turtle. But my friends 3 yo daughter loved her turtle, and her 12yo son wants one, too. I better get hopping!