Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gingerbread man pin

I was browsing Pinterest last month looking for Christmas crochet projects. I saw some cute ones, but nothing that was exactly what I wanted. So I made my own gingerbread man.

After my initial attempt, I liked the proportions of arms, legs, head and body, but his head was a little cocked to one side...oops. So I diagrammed the base circle with the other parts so I knew where to put them. Then I tried again. And I did it!

So, here is my pattern:

Gingerbread man

Ch: chain
St: stitch
Slst: slip stitch
Hdc: half double crochet
Tc: triple crochet

Make a Magic circle (google it if you don't know how)

R1: ch2 (counts as first hdc), 8hdc, slst into ch2 (9 stitches)

R2: ch2 (counts as first hdc), 1 hdc in same stitch, 2 hdc in remaining. Slst into ch2 (18 stitches)

R3: 1 hdc in one st, 6tc in one st, 1 hdc in next st. Slst next 2st. 1 hdc, 2dc, 1hdc in next st. Slst 3, 1hdc 3tc 1hdc in next, slst next, 1hdc 3tc 1hdc in next, 3 slst, 1hdc 2dc 1hdc in next, 2slst. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Add decorations as desired. I embroidered white yarn in zig zags on the arms and legs, looped a piece of red yarn thru the neck and tied a bow (I dabbed tacky glue on the ends of the yarn and the knot to prevent it coming undone), and stitched small black beads for eyes, and green beads for gum drop buttons. I then stitched a pin back onto the back, just under neck level.He comes out 2.5-3 inches tall.

I think he is rather cute :)

Small print: if you post this pattern somewhere, please link back to me :)

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