Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Busy busy

I have lots to do, so why am I sitting in a coffee shop playing on the Internet and reading? Cuz my daughter has a shortened, short day. Early release for parent conferences, plus late start due to icy roads. That equals a 2.5 hour school day. Third day in a row. That isn't enough time to go back home and do anything before turning around to pick her up bso I am enjoying the lull before the storm :)

Once I get home with my girl in tow, we need to get busy. We have thanksgiving cards to finish, cranberry orange bread to make for Papa for tomorrow, laundry to do for church and party tomorrow, not to mention dinner to make and eat. I also found a cute draft idea that if I have all the necessary parts may take them for the kids to make tomorrow before dinner. All this equals Tricia running in circles doing it all at once, cuz I am one distractible girl :) Wish me luck!

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