Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cranberry orange bread! This is my super simple version of panettone. It is a white bread recipe from Food Network that had a cinnamon raisin variation, so I varied that :) I added the zest of an orange to the dough while kneading (I <3 my Kitchen Aid!), then when shaping the loaf by pressing into a rectangle to roll up, I scattered craisins over the surface. I then rolled it up as per the recipe. After the last rise in the pan, I brushed it with egg white and sprinkled demerara sugar on top to add sparkle and crunch. Just took it out of the oven...I soooo want some, but it needs to cool, and I am supposed to take it to the ex-laws tomorrow by special request from Papa. Maybe it will be missing the end...quality control, you know. That is Papa's line of work, so he should understand.......

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